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Paul Pot

Paul Pot is a recording/visual artist from Berkeley, CA. As a DIY music maker he had a local hit on KALX in 1980 called "Plastic TV Land on Acid" which was played on Radio Free Europe's year end "Tops in Pops" show. From 1985 to 1997 he was in various, ill-fated punk bands: GAIL AND THE FUDGPACKERS, DON'T MIND US, and POOR IMPULSE CONTROL.  He is the guitarist/singer in his current band THE HAPPY CLAMS (who are loud) and plays quieter solo gigs on the side. He has hosted the Missouri Lounge Open Mic in Berkeley for the last 14+ years. His songs tend to be ironic, quirky, and anthemic. This will be one of those quieter things.

Earlier Event: June 12
Later Event: June 14
The Easy Winners